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At your age, once you understand it's functionalities, you should find it very cool......
For us senior citizens, it's extremely functional and its cool in having these functionalities. I needed a town car as my P/U truck was a bit large for most parking lots and in looking at all the "cookie cutter" crap out there, accidentally stumbled across a 2009 EX 4wd auto with 108k miles.....$8k, garage kept, paint and interior like new. Just love it and the 2.4 has plenty of whoopie when you put the pedal on the metal.....your sweetie will just have to grab hold of your neck just to hang on. Wink!

I will say however, that todays vehicles lack what was neat about cars back in earlier days....although very uncomfortable as compared to today's "properly fitting" bucket seats, the bench seat was perfect for dating as your sweetie slid over next to you and......and........
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