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Default VSA light ON + Check Engine light ON

Hello there, two days ago my 2013 fit, regular version, got the lights for VSA and check engine ON, both got on at the same time. I though I pressed by mistake the VSA button so I pressing the button again but nothing happened. I brought my fit today to autozone and they said the code reader marked the code P0302 which is the "Misfire No 2 cylinder" and I have to replace the ignition coil. I read on something about a problem like this in odyssey (I have one also) and they said this:

" This is a known, common issue for which Honda has issued either a recall or extended warranty to cover. For engines with VCM. Warranty involves replacing piston rings - an extensive engine repair."

Somebody knows if the fit has the same problem? My fit has over 87500 miles and never changed the spark plugs. Few weeks ago I was to the dealer, they recommend to do Fuel Induction Service, but they didn't say anything about spark plugs. I haven't do the fuel induction service yet.

What I suppose to do? I don't want to bring my car to the dealer and pay a lot money in a big repair like that. My son can do the replacement of the spark plug and the ignition coil. I appreciated any help.
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