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Honda Forum: Why Honda Civics are Still Hot – Metaphorically
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Old 10-17-2012, 06:55 PM
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Default Why Honda Civics are Still Hot – Metaphorically

The Honda is an extremely popular make of automobile. Features such as reliability, low maintenance costs and great gas mileage have put Honda at the top of the favorite car list for decades. Unfortunately, it’s not just drivers and car owners who find the Honda so appealing. The 1995 Honda Civic (along with its cousin the 1994 Honda Accord) has remained one of the most stolen cars in America for several years running.

There are plenty of great cars out there, so why is the Honda Civic so popular among car thieves? Read on to find out just what the draw of the humble Honda Civic is and what you can do to protect yours.

A Hot Commodity
There are four main factors contributing to the appearance of the Honda Civic year after year on Top Stolen Car lists around the country. These factors are:

• Reliability. As mentioned above, Hondas are famous for their reliability. While you do see Honda Civics in nearly every city in the U.S., you generally don’t see them stranded by the side of the road. Part of what makes Hondas so reliable is their durability. Begging the pardon of a certain American truck manufacturer, Hondas are indeed built to last. This makes them a top choice both for consumers and thieves alike.

• Value. Honda Civic parts also happen to have high resale value, so it doesn’t matter what condition your Honda is in or even if it runs (though of course that’s helpful to both you and potential car thieves). A Honda Civic can be towed away and stripped for parts, making a tidy profit for anyone willing to put in the hard work – and commit a felony.

• Compatibility. Another aspect of Honda physiology is part compatibility. What works in a Honda Civic will also work in an Acura Integra, and so on. The only parts that tend not to be compatible are car body parts, due to the differences in the exterior design of elements such as headlights, bumpers and fenders.

• Numbers. Because Hondas are so durable, there are many older models still out on the roads. These older models don’t have the same anti-theft technology available on the newer models. The sheer number of Hondas out there also makes them easy and bountiful pickings for car thieves.

Preventive Measures
So what’s a Honda Civic owner to do? Luckily, you don’t have to have the latest GPS technology to help keep your car safe (although it doesn’t hurt). There are several common sense steps you can take to make sure your Civic stays right where you left it.

• Park carefully. Speaking of where you leave your car, choosing your parking spot judiciously can go a long way toward protecting your car. If possible, avoid parking in known high-crime areas. If you’re parking at night, park in well-lit areas – right under a light if you can. If you have to leave your car parked for an extended period of time, try to park in a lot that has security personnel, as well as security cameras.

• Lock up. Keeping your windows rolled up and doors locked will deter opportunistic thieves. Don’t make it easy on them by leaving your windows down and your doors unlocked. Also make sure not to leave anything of value within easy sight of a casual passerby. Even if your car doesn’t get stolen, being the victim of a smash and grab won’t be any fun, either.

• Go low-tech. An article on presented a creative way to monitor your car through the night – with a baby monitor. Not just for kids anymore, if you’re truly concerned about your Civic going astray in the night, use a baby monitor for extra peace of mind.

• Go high-tech. If you are truly concerned about security for your Civic and don’t mind making an investment, consider going with a LoJack type system. While this won’t necessarily prevent your car from being stolen, it will be able to tell you exactly where it is.

Keeping these tips in mind will help keep your Civic in your driveway. If you do need parts for your Honda Civic, there’s no need to resort to grand theft auto. Getting Honda civic parts at Partsgeek are an affordable, reliable option.

About the Author: Contributing writer Jack Recker is a Honda enthusiast who can regularly be found blogging about all things Honda. When not writing about Hondas, Jack enjoys racing at the local speedway.
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